Central Florida Roofing

Walsh Roofing Services Caters to your Roofing Needs

Central Florida is sometimes spared the worst of the storms that frequently hit the Eastern and Western sections. However, just as often, those storms move inland and batter the middle of the state with rain and high winds, especially during hurricane season.

Walsh Roofing Services is the dependable roofing company on which Central Florida can rely. We’re proud to help with repair and installation services for both private residences and commercial properties. We offer the following services:

  • Shingle roofing installation and repairs
  • Solar roofing installation and repairs
  • Metal roofing repairs and installation
  • Flat roofing repairs and installment
  • Repair and replacement of tile roofing

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing involves solar shingle installation. Of the many roofing services we offer, we’re particularly proud of this one, as every solar roof we install is environmentally friendly. The solar shingles we offer, also called photovoltaic shingles in the industry, generate electricity. We’re always eager to talk to our customers about this exciting technology and the money it can save you.

Shingle Roofing

Our roofers are very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing the best shingle roofing options in Central Florida. Shingle roofs remain one of the most popular styles year after year. The rectangular, flat shingles that overlap are one of the best ways to protect your commercial or residential property. We do both repair work and total tear-offs, should that be necessary.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is not possible for every roofing installation job. Whether we can do it for your Central Florida property depends largely on the building’s original construction. When it’s possible to install a flat roof, though, it’s often advisable to do so. Flat roofs are easier to access, and you’re usually looking at lower repair and construction costs with them as well.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is an attractive style that many Central Florida residents and business owners enjoy. These roofs are energy-efficient and work well in almost any climate. They reduce both heat loss and gain because they allow for natural ventilation.

Metal Roofing

Our roofing contractors have metal roofing expertise if that’s the best solution for your needs. Metal roofs are among the most long-lasting and durable of any style you can choose. You can also get them with recycled components now, and you might go in this direction if you are environmentally conscious.  To learn more about our roofing services, contact us.