Lutz, FL Roofing Services

Many residents of Lutz, Florida, regard it as a hidden gem. Part of Hillsborough County, it’s a little way off from Tampa’s hustle and bustle, and it’s consistently one of the optimal places to live in the entire state.

Walsh Roofing Services is happy to provide Lutz residents with commercial roofing, but we repair and replace roofs for private residences too. You can contact us if you need the following:

  • Flat roofing installation or repairs
  • Tile roofing installation and repairs
  • Metal roof installments and repairs
  • Solar roofing repair and installation jobs
  • Repair and replacement of shingle roofs

Metal Roofing

Many Florida residents like installing metal roofs on their properties because this choice repels the sun so well. The punishing late summer months can be brutal in the region, and a metal roof can be your way to combat that. They're also among the most durable and longest-lasting roofs you’re liable to get for your money.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is a style that virtually any Lutz resident will recognize. This is the roofing style where you see individual overlapping elements, called shingles. They come in many vivid colors and styles. You might want to consider this choice because, of all the roofing services Walsh Roofing provides, this is the one that can best protect your home or business from environmental damage.

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing materials naturally store electricity, cutting down on your bills quite a bit over time. They may look like ordinary asphalt shingles, but homeowners love them because they effectively harness the sun’s energy. They also give you the durability and flexibility you’d expect from the non-solar variety.

Flat Roofing

Many of our roofers recommend getting a flat-style roof when you can. They’re much easier both to fix and install. Over the roof’s lifecycle, there are liable to be fewer repair costs. Also, if you install a flat roof on your home, it makes gutter cleaning considerably easier.

Tile Roofing

As a roofing company, we also recommend tile roofing to our clients regularly. Our roofing contractors often mention them for our customers who are worried about high winds and hail, but they are fire-resistant as well. If you’re looking into roofing installation options, it’s hard to beat one that can withstand even hurricane-force winds and other natural disasters.

To learn more about roofing services, contact us at your convenience.